System 2.0 Operation Hours and Prices
What we do:

  • Mastercraft Boats Sales and Service
  • Waterski / Wakeboard Lessons
  • Proshop
  • Cable Park

History and Focus:

We are often asked what we are.  Are we a boat dealership, a ski school,
a proshop,  a cable park?  How would we describe what it is that we do at
The Liquid Edge?  The quick answer is "E.) All the above".  But the
long version of the answer takes a little imagination to understand.  
Doug and Kristin Meeker started The Liquid Edge in 2005.  As avid
competitive slalom skiers, with no intentions of starting a business, they
purchased their own 30 acre private lake in Farmer City, IL to have a
place where they could practice for tournaments.  The first day they were
skiing on the lake they were already being asked to give lessons.  Within
weeks the word had spread and Doug was spending a majority of his time
on the lake giving lessons to other local skiers.  The lessons turned into
a proshop, the proshop turned into a Mastercraft Dealership, and so on.  
From day one The Liquid Edge has been built on the foundation of Doug
and Kristin sharing their lifestyle and passion for the sport of waterskiing
with anyone who wanted to experience it.  Today,while The Liquid Edge
continues to grow, we keep our focus on providing the best experiences
and encouraging our lifestyle.  We continue to offer daily lessons to help
you get started, or push your riding to the next level.  Every summer we
bring in and host clinics with hall of fame athletes like Wade Cox, Will
Christien, Zane Schwenk and Parks Bonifay so you can learn from the
best.  Think of these clinics as learning to play basketball with Michael
Jordan!  We also own two Private Lakes that provide the unique
experience of skiing on a body of water meant just for you.  You haven't
lived until you've skied on private water!  Regardless of the line of work
you're in you can relate to the fact that life is easier when you have the
right tools for the job.  The focus of our proshop is to provide you with the
best selection of "tools" to make your time on the water easier and more
enjoyable.  We carry easy ski training skis for the beginners all the way up to top of the line slalom skis, wakeboards, wakesurfs, and paddle
boards.  We pride ourselves on personally riding everything in the shop so we can provide you with the best insight.  We also carry the most
comfortable life vest, wetsuites, boardshorts, and sandals in the world!  Our cable park provides anyone wanting to participate in our sport the
opportunity to, and combined Doug's 20 years of Mastercraft knowledge with our on site lake and there is no better place for you to learn and
experience the true difference a Mastercraft Boat makes.  So, The Liquid Edge is more than just a shop providing a bunch of services.  We
encourage and provide access to a lifestyle.  A lifestyle that says live life the best way imaginable, on the water!