System 2.0 Operation Hours and Prices

About Us:

From day one The Liquid Edge has been built on the foundation of Doug
and Kristin Meeker sharing their lifestyle and passion for the sport of
waterskiing with anyone who wanted to experience it. Today,while The
Liquid Edge continues to grow, we keep our focus on providing the best
experiences and encouraging our lifestyle.

Daily Lessons:

We offer Daily Waterski, Wakeboard, and Wakesurf Lessons May
through October.

Over the past 10 years we have developed a step by step process for
building students confidence and abilities.  From Level 0 through Level 4,
we teach and encourage the fundamentals that will keep you safe, and
allow you to enjoy your time on the water more.


1.) We believe that being on the water is the best way to live life.

2.) We also believe that an Inboard boat is required to have the best
experience on the water.

With those two philosophies... we are proud to represent Mastercraft

Mastercraft's models range from Sporty Ski Boats, to Legendary
Wakeboard Boats, to Massive Wakesurf Boats, and everything in
between.  Test drive,ride behind, and compare models on our private
lake.  Throw in our experience, knowledge, and passion, and there is no
better way to understand why a Mastercraft is the boat for you.


We have been told by many that The Liquid Edge is one of the best shops
in the country.  We constantly strive to bring in the gear that will give you an experience beyond all others.  From training skis,
to slalom skis, to the lightest wakeboards and wakesurfs in the world, we have it all.  Come in, hang out, pick it up, try it on, ask as many
questions as you can think of.  We spend our spare time trying every product in the shop.  No marketing hype, since we have used the stuff
ourselves, we can match what you need with what you want.  

The staff at The Liquid Edge has committed their lives to the industry.  We encourage the lifesyle!  The Waterskiing, Wakeboarding,
Wakesurfing, and Boating lifestyle brings families together, creates memories, promotes health, and gives us a fun and adventurous way to
enjoy our free time.