System 2.0 Operation Hours and Prices
1710 N. John Street, Farmer City, IL 61842                                                                                                                             309-928-9498

Lesson & Rental Pricing

2014 Pricing and Information to come!

How to reserve a Lesson Slot

1.) Go to our Web Site and Click on our "Lesson Calendar" Link.

2.) Find a time that you would like to reserve a lesson.

3.) Email, Call, or Text us and specify the time slot that you would like to reserve.

4.) We will follow up with a return phone call confirming your reservation. We will also need a Credit or Debit Card number to
reserve your time.

Lesson Etiquette

Keep in mind that  we usually have another time slot starting as one ends and will not be able to extend time for any late
arrivals. If you do not have your own equipment, make sure to arrive at least 15 mins early to allow time for rentals.

Prepare for you time on the water! Remember to bring:
- Water
- Towels and Sunscreen